1942          Bache DD/DDE-470          1968

Thank you for your interest in the USS Bache!

We are a reunion group for individuals who served on the Bache. We publish a quarterly newsletter filled with stories and updates about our members. We also meet once a year!

We all have our stories, thoughts and experiences. What better way to recall and reminisce than with those who lived many of them with you and others who would appreciate what you have to share!

The Bache was a Fletcher Class Destroyer. Bache was the third ship of the United States Navy to bear this name. Bache was named for George Mifflin Bache. She was sponsored and Christened by his daughter,  Louise Franklin Bache.

Bache was 376 feet long. When floating, she dispaced 2050 tons of water. Her flank speed was 35 knots. The full crew consisted of 329 enlisted and Officers.


“County Woman Sponsors Destroyer Named for Her Father,”  The Herald Statesman, Yonkers, N.Y., July 28, 1942


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